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According to a report released by the Texas Association of Realtors, Texas is a national leader in relocation moves. Currently, we have a lot of families moving to Houston and Texas from other states.

If you look back at the data, more people are moving to Texas than are moving out of Texas. That puts a large strain on our local housing demand.

Cartus is the number one relocation company in the country. Realtors work with Cartus Relocation Services to help families move everyday. Since we live in on of the top 10 nationally ranked counties for relocation, it’s important to find an agent experienced in relocation. We have agents at RREA that are Relocation Specialists as well as New Home Specialist.

Did you know that Harris County is the most mobile county in the Lone Star State? We rank first in the state and third nationally for the largest inflow of households.

Harris County is also the top county in Texas and third largest county nationally for outflow of households. Do you think that has anything to do with us being in the Energy Epicenter?

When I interviewed a representative of U-Haul on Houston Real Estate Radio they said that Texas was the number two growth state for 2012 and Houston was the nation’s top relocation city.

So what does this mean to locals and investors? The Texas housing market isn’t a bubble situation, but it’s more of an increase in demand due to all the organic job and population growth around the state. We are a very business minded state with a great tax structure.

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