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These are some simple tips that will help you to secure your next home mortgage. Michael Garfield and I talked about these today on The World According to Garf. Lenders have tight regulations these days and these tips will help you if you are looking to get a loan or have a loan and you’re waiting to close on your new home.the world according to

1. THOU SHALT NOT change jobs or become self-employed. (Self-employed is hardest to qualify.)
2. THOU SHALT NOT buy a car, truck, or van unless you plan to live in it. (Idea here is don’t make any big changes.)
3. THOU SHALT NOT use your credit cards or let your payments fall behind. (Re-run credit right before closing.)
4. THOU SHALT NOT spend the money you have saved for your down payment.
5. THOU SHALT NOT buy any furniture before you purchase your home–could affect your bank account/debt ratios/credit score. (Wait until after you close to buy frig and couch.)
6. THOU SHALT NOT originate any new inquiries on your credit report. (No test driving cars or taking out credit card at stores.)
7. THOU SHALT NOT make any large deposits into your checking account. (Lender will want to track it and worry it’s a loan you took out.)
8. THOU SHALT NOT change bank accounts.
9. THOU SHALT NOT co-sign for anyone!
10. THOU SHALT NOT purchase anything until after closing (over $350+).

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