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Ever wonder how to find the right builder to build your family a home?  Below are my Top 10 recommendations for finding the builder that is right for you!  If you would like to purchase a home, RREA has many experienced and seasoned Realtors that can help you and there is no cost to you.  Your builder will pay our commission!  Call RREA today to find the Realtor that best meets your real estate needs – 281.288.3500.

10.  Use a Realtor!  Realtor’s comply to a strict Code of Ethics and are licensed by the state.  They have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your best interest in a transaction.  Builders do not fall under this Code of Ethics.  They are looking out for their best interest, and many times have their attorneys write their contracts for them.

9.  Find the areas of town you want to live in and interview the builders that will build in those areas.

8.  Get Pre-Approved for your Financing or have a letter from your financial institution stating how much home you can afford to buy.

7.  Figure out the type of home you want – ranch style, basement, two story, patio home, etc.

6.   If your Realtor is a member of the Greater Houston Home Builders Association they have access to the list of builders who construct homes in the area.  All of the Realtors at Register Real Estate Advisors has access to this membership list.

5.  Once you have narrowed down a list of builders, see some of the homes they have under construction and some that have been completed.  Ask for testimonials from their clients or references.

4.  Before picking a floorplan, walk through as many new homes as you can.  You can do this by attending open houses or visiting new communities.  This way you can see the differences between builders and find ideas you want to incorporate in your new home.  Check out the quality of the homes and see what building trends they use (bay windows, art niches, etc.)

3.  Remember that you will be picking your tiles, carpet, countertops, paint, appliances, and much more.  When touring homes and looking at magazines, inspect these items to find out what you like best.  Take lots of notes to share with your builder and photos if possible.  Ask lots of questions!

2.  Your goal should be to find a builder you trust and feel comfortable talking to.  You will have a close relationship during the months that your home is being built.

1.  When you finally pick your builder, ask about his company history, experience, philosophy, and building and payment process.  Talk with the builder at length about what your expectations are for the new home.



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