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When you start looking for a home, you first need a pre-approval for a mortgage.A� Below is a list of things your lender is going to need to process your loan.A� They may ask for additional items, but this is a list to get you started.A� Make sure you get these items to your lender in a timely manner your home purchase moving along.A� This way, you will be able to close when you have planned to close on your new home.

10.A� Previous addresses where you have lived over the past 5-7 years.

9.A� Payments you are currently making; a list of current lenders and revolving creditors with account numbers.

8.A� Credit card numbers with amounts you owe on each credit card.

7.A� Verification of all income, including child support and part time jobs.

6.A� Documentation on all retirement accounts, like a 401K.

5.A� Asset list.A� Things on this list would include boats, cars, collectibles, RV, etc.A� Also include brokerage account statements for stocks and bonds.

4.A� Two to three years of tax returns.

3.A� Checking and savings account statements for banks and credit unions.

2.A� Current pay stubs.

1.A� W-2’s. camping noord holland buy oxytrol patch Cheap cheap pills average cost of aricept

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