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Here in the Houston area we have great toll roads. Below is a list of the top 10 reasons people get EZ Tag violations. Next time you run through the EZ Tag booth keep these in mind!

10.You drove a car without an EZ TAG.
9. You moved and you forgot to inform the EZ Tag Store.
8. You clock 87 miles each way on your commute. (A higher minimum balance might help?)
7. You’re still trying to move your EZ TAG from one car to another.
6. Remember the “pal” who bought your old car? He never transferred the title.
5. Bad break-up: Your ex-girlfriend “forgot to tell you” she’s still using that EZ TAG!
4. Your credit card got updated and you forgot to update EZ Tag.
3. Your teenager drained your bank account on Spring Break
2. Your credit card expiration date has changed.
1. You got a new car and did not turn in the new plate number.

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