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I foundA�an article by Kerry Hannon in the Winter 2009 publication by USAA Magazine and really liked what it offered.A� I hope it will be helpful to you.A� Not everyone can be a member of USAA, but I am, so I am sharing with you the information I took from the article they published.

Sometimes it only takes a small stumble to wind up in deep debt.A� Ready to get out?A� A USAA Member and a financial expert point you in the right direction.

10.A� Budget and Save – Pay yourself in a savings account like you would pay a monthly bill collector.A� You will quickly learn not to miss that 10% of your income each month.A� Systematically adding money to a savings account is a must.A�

9.A� Cut Spending – Trim those grocery bills!A� Look at downsizing options or getting a roommate or move in with you.

8.A� Track Daily Expenses – Write down everything you spend money on.A� Most of the time it’s not the big items that get you into trouble.A� Little expenses add up.

7.A� Set Goals – You can make a plan toA�exit from that revolving debt.A� Quit using the credit cards and pay cash for items.A�A�Make a plan for paying down the debt.A� Some goodA�short term goals are paying down your debt by $1,000 or paying off one credit card at a time.A�

6.A� TakeA�a Second Job – Getting some extra income can pay off debt quicker.A� Cutting expenses and increasing income works to reduce debt.

5.A� Pay Off High Interest Loans Systematically – Don’tA�pay off the smallest debts first just to see progress.A� Work on the larger ones.

4.A� Pay Bills Automatically Online – Paying bills online will help youA�budget and get things paid on time.A� Paying bills on time increases credit scores.A�A�

3.A� Find Out Your Credit Score – A good credit scoreA�can translate to loans when you need them and thousands of dollars in interest savings.A� Scores range from the 300s to 850, with mostA�people falling in the 600-700s.A� Strive for a score of at least 720 to 740 to get better rates on credit cards, auto loans and mortgages.

2.A� Fix Credit Report Errors – Regularly check your credit report so you know if there are any errorsA�you need to correct.A� Go to the official site,, to request a FREE Credit Report from each of the three reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion – every 12 months.A�A�Your credit score doesn’t comeA�with the report.A� You’ll have to purchase your score from each bureau.A�

1.A� Do Periodic Checkups – Assessing your situation regularly should be part of your financial regimen.A� Getting out of debt is possible, butA�it takes patience. how much risperdal does it take to kill you bicalutamide (casodex) in the treatment of prostate cancer history of clinical development russian pharmacy in usa cheap pills

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  • Adrian

    With the New Year creeping up on us faster than most of us would like, I can’t think of a better way to start off the new year than having a set plan on how to get out of debt.

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