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10.  Would you like me to get the Christmas tree out of storage for you?

9.  Can I put lights on the roof and around the yard this year?

8.  No need to make it from scratch if you can buy it in a box!

7.  Buy the kids more gifts; we can never have enough toys around the house.

6.  I am on my way home from work.  Do you need anything from the grocery store while I am out?

5.  Let’s go out to dinner tonight.

4.  Do you have some wrapping paper I could use?

3.  I will put those toys together for you after the kids go to bed tonight and will even add the stickers!

2.  I want to travel and spend Christmas with your family this year.

1.  Let’s take more family photos!

I have a wonderful husband, but these are 10 things I have never yeard him say during the holidays.  Add this post to your facebook page if your husband doesn’t say these either.  Merry Christmas!!

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