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11.A� Do you use a showing service?

At RREA, we do use a showing service called Centralized
Showing.A� They schedule all of the
Realtor showings on your home.A� This way,
if our agents are out of town or our office is closed, Realtors can still
schedule to show buyers your home.

12.A� Do you send out eFliers?

Many Realtors dona��t even have a database, little less a
database of Realtors.A� At RREA, we have a
large Realtor database that we can email eFliers of your home to.A� This way other Realtors in the community can see
photos of your home that they may not otherwise see.A� We advertise our Broker Open Houses this way,

13.A� Do you send out direct mail?

Some Realtors do not want to spend money on direct mail
campaigns that could help you sell your home faster.A� At RREA, we use direct mail to show buyers
what homes we have for sale.A� For
example, if you have a $200K house for sale, we would likely mail a just listed
postcard to homes in the $150K range that have a potential to move up.

14.A� Did the Realtor show you a net sheet?

A net sheet is the industry term for showing the seller what
they will net at closing.A� It does not
have to be an official document, but your Realtor should discuss with you what
your home will likely sell for and how much you will walk away with at the
closing based on different offers you might receive.

15.A� Do you provide web site reports?

Web site reports show the seller how many online views their
home has received.A� These reports can be
pulled from,, and the showing company so that you can see
the activity on the property.

16.A� How do you ensure your company website has good search engine optimization?

At RREA, we ensure good SEO because we key word tag all
photos, videos, and blog posts.A� We do
not have a static website, it is updated with content daily so that the Google
search engines check for new content on our site every hour and index it.

17.A� Does the Realtor use Print to Web Technology?

This is new technology that many people (including Realtors)
do not understand.A� We use QR Codes,
which is a print to web technology, on our yard signs.A� A�This
allows potential buyers to use a smart phone with our yard sign to view the
video of the home they are parked in front of.
We use mobile optimized pages, not web pages, to house this
content.A� We also use print to web
technology in advertising and marketing pieces which include our watermarked business

18.A� Do you offer a Seller Service Guarantee?

This is important.A�A� You are signing a six month listing agreement with a Realtor and you
need some kind of assurance about what they are going to do to advertise and
market the property.A� The number oneA�complaint about Realtors is that they do not do anything to sell the home.A� Not true at RREA!A� We continuously work hard to sell your home
and we give you a seller service guarantee!

19.A� Do you offer help with home staging and vendors?

Most Realtors who have been in the business for any length
of time have a list of vendors they like to use and refer people to.A� Many of them have home staging designations
as well.A� Even if they dona��t have home
staging designations, they should be able to tell you what needs to be done to
make the home more appealing to buyers.

20.A� Are you available and can you hold a deal together?

Basically, you want to know that you can reach your Realtor
when you need to get in touch with him or her.
If they are a part time Realtor, they may not be available during the
day.A� And if theya��re not good negotiators
they might not be able to keep the deal together for you.A� You want a Realtor you can talk to when you
need them and who can find their way around deal breaking problems.
To see the previous Top 10 Questions a Seller Should Ask
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.A� Whenever you are ready to sell your
home, use this as a guide to help you choose the best Realtor for your selling
needs.A� You can call our office at
281.288.3500 to speak to one of our highly trained Realtors that would love to
help you sell your property.

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