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Did you know that some of the things in your home could be toxic for your family? Air fresheners, carpeting, and even granite countertops can be toxic!

Those air fresheners smell nice, but some contain formaldehyde and other toxic substances. Don’t breath the air when you spray an air freshener. Also, don’t keep plug in air fresheners down low where animals or children could reach them. If you would prefer not to use air fresheners after hearing this…use the old baking soda box to natually absorb those bad odors. You can also boil some nice herbs in water on the stove to make the house smell nice or light a few scented candles.

When carpet is installed it emits more than just a smell. There are chemicals that can cause headaches and throat irritations and more. If carpet or rugs get wet, they can start growing mold which can cause allergic reactions. Many consumers are now requesting hardwood floors in both new and resale homes.

Granite has been known to emit low levels of radon, which is a colorless and odorless gas. You wouldn’t know it’s being emitted into the air. Most homes have radon anyway because it comes from the soil. You can buy at home testing kits if radon is a concern for your family. High levels have been known to cause lung cancer.

To learn more about things that could be toxic in your home, visit the environmental protection agency online. They can provide additional information.

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