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Terms – This is one aspect of your Real Estate transaction that is the most over looked.  Whether you want to negotiate a deeper discount on the price or you would like to have the seller make more repairs than they are willing to.  These are terms of the transaction and whichever side I represent you on…. Terms Rule…. Your interests are the reason we are in Business and as my client I will use my Expertise/Experience as a CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) Designated Realtor in guiding you through the best possible Real Estate Transaction.

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  • Jack Haymes

    I would say the best place for you to start is with your state board governing real estate. Next time you lease a property use a Realtor which in turn will use the forms that are promulgated for use by your state. Here in Texas we have TREC—Texas Real Estate Commission—They are the governing body for us Realtors. Good Luck

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