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What is the value of a Texas Realtor’s voice when buying or selling real estate?  If you have done a real estate transaction over the past two years, you know how difficult it can be to get it done.  I talked to a Texas Association of Realtors Attorney today about this.  There are things being done in our industry that are not right, but there is no one to stop them from being done.  So who’s voice do you listen to?

If you have a real estate question you can call our 24/7 Answer Line and leave your question anytime and I will answer it on the air for you.  At Houston Real Estate Radio, we want you to be informed on what’s going on in our Houston Real Estate Industry and so does our state association.  TAR is now running ads on the radio explaining to consumers that Realtors are their best voice for a real estate transaction.  We see what’s happening and know the ins and outs of it.  Our data is superb and comes from the local MLS System.

There’s a lot of real estate information out there.  Stop listening to your brother and your father and your cousin and hair stylist.  This is a new market.  Things are changing fast.  If you don’t know which websites to trust or which people can help you – talk to a Realtor.  If you are represented by a Realtor they owe you advise and opinion.  When consumers buy, sell, or lease real estate they need reliable information.  When things go south, clients usually want to talk to everyone they know and get outside information and pick the answer they like best.  But you should trust your Realtor for advise, pricing information, and negotiating assistance.

When you try to for sale by owner or represent yourself on a buy side with a builder, there’s no one to turn to for advice and opinion when you try to perform a transaction yourself using online information.  Call a Realtor first!

The internet is great, but not for a deal over $100K in asset value.  Online information can be wrong, outdated, and very overwhelming.  There’s a lot of information, but it’s not all good.  For accurate real estate data, go online or in person to a Texas Realtor.  A Texas Realtor is the only trusted source for a real estate transaction.  Real Estate Attorney’s do a lot, but not everything a Realtor does and most do not have MLS access.

If you need help with real estate, call our answer line at 281.882.8088 anytime and a Texas Realtor or Broker will be happy to help you.  Leave your name and real estate question.  Or call 281.288.3500 for a Realtor that can assist you right away.

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