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The most important document when you are getting out of the service is your DD-214 member 4 copy. Your DD-214 can be used for many things when returning to civilian life, (employment, home loans, land loans and discounts). I normally carry a copy of mine in my wallet to get the 10 percent off at Lowes and Home Depot but recently my DD-214 had become unreadable and I could not find my original member 4 copy. After searching on the web I came across this website that will get you another copy free of charge. It took my copy about 3 weeks to get to me and I am back in the discount arena. When you receive your new copy take it down to the county you live in and register that as an official document with the Clerks office so they will always have a copy of your DD-214 on file. Coming home is a good thing and we Thank You for your service

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