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When I built my real estate brokerage, RREA, we included a full service video production studio capable of radio and television quality audio and video. Soon after…other companies, non-profits, politicians, and the builder community came knocking. Originally we only created videos for our Realtors at RREA, but we soon found a niche market for creating videos for the Houston Real Estate Radio show and the builder community.

Matt Register, Owner of RREA Media, talks on air and in video about the importance of video when marketing yourself and your business. We discussed how RREA started marketing with RREA Media when they first started putting out quality content and then started to compete with larger firms. Small businesses can affect their success with online video content shared on various social media outlets.

Matt covers SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a crucial tool in successful online business marketing. He has a different way of doing SEO than the larger Online Marketing Companies and his different way has drastically expanded their business. RREA Media has not only helped their real estate company but also helped other small businesses with video marketing services.

Lastly, Matt talks about Easy Distance Learning, RREA Media’s latest endeavor. Easy Distance Learning allows a company’s training seminars to easily record, host and sell their training online.

Watch the entire radio interview in videos below.

Watch Videos Here!

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