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As a buyer, you and your real estate agent should walk through the home your are purchasing before going to the closing to sign the documents.  This is your last opportunity as a buyer to be sure the home is in the same condition it was in when you first viewed it.  This is a visual inspection of the property you are about to purchase.  If you are buying a new construction home, your builder should do the walk through with you so that they can repair anything that is not correct.  This is your final inspection before  the purchase.  When you are purchasing new construction, this is also a great time to learn about your new home.  The builder can explain the details of the home that you may not be familiar with.  Knowing these details should help you know what to do to maintain the home and keep it up.  The builder should also go over warranty coverage and procedures for repairs as they come up in the future.  The builder will provide you with a book or packet of information about your new home.  If it is a resale home, the best you can hope for is that the previous owners left instruction booklets in the home.

When you purchase a resale home, the owner usually provides you a one year warranty on the home through a home warranty company.  New homes usually come with a one year warranty as well, and a longer warranty on the structure of the house.  However, usually no warranty will cover items that have not been maintained properly by the homeowner.

During your walk-through be sure to look at all the walls and floors for possible damage.  Also check out the fixtures, counter tops, and air conditioning system.  Your Realtor or new construction builder will usually ask you, the buyer, to sign a form stating the home is in acceptable condition for move in.

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  • Patti St Louis

    Great information. It is also important to schedule your walk-through well in advance of closing, not just a few hours before. In my 14 years in the title insurance business I have seen many closings delayed due to walk-throughs being performed right before the scheduled closing time.

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