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I think we all take water for granted. We just turn on the sink and there it flows. I had some water well issues recently and it made me really thankful for clean water. We forget it’s hard to live without it.

We have a lot of people moving to our Houston area. Could our water supply be in danger? Currently our existing infrastructure works well, but if we have another drought will it?

It is estimated that if Texas does nothing to implement new water supply projects or management strategies, then homes, businesses, and agricultural enterprises across the state will be in a water shortage by 2060.

Texas has 15 major river basins, 8 coastal basins, and 9 major and 21 minor groundwater aquifers, but water supplies vary significantly from year to year and from place to place. Because rainfall and stream flows in the state are unpredictable, communities have traditionally relied on reservoirs as part of water resource planning. However, reservoir storage per person has decreased in the state since the 1980’s. We are creating fewer reservoirs now than in the past.

The worst drought Texas has seen was in the 1950’s (on record.) We should probably plan for another big one. This summer, please conserve water. We use it and need it, but let’s not waste it!

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