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If you would like to sell your home you will first want to stage it for the real estate photos and videos that will be used throughout the market campaign. You also want it staged for buyers that will be walking through and touring the home. Staging and redecorating are not the same. You want to make your home more appealing to buyers. You’ll want to use things you already have to inexpensively stage your home to sell.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has found that a staged home will sell, on average, for 17% more than an unstaged home. For that reason, it is highly encouraged that you stage your home when trying to sell.

Below are some tips to help you with staging your home so you can get a buyer sooner rather than later…

1. De-Personalize by packing up personal photographs and personal items

2. De-Clutter – there is almost always furniture that can be removed to make the home appear more spacious. Also remove everything from the refrigerator and counter tops. Pack up as much stuff as you can because after all, you are going to be moving. Put away all personal items in bathrooms.

3. Make sure your Closets and Cabinets are organized. Organize your kitchen pantry. Pack up as much of the contents of the closets as you can.

4. Although you have items of sentimental value and favorite things all over your home, your buyers do not care about them and do not want to see them.

5. Make any needed repairs inside and outside of the home. Repaint with neutral colors and fix any holes in the walls. Replace any light bulbs that are burned out. Fix any leaky faucets and squeaky doors.

6. Curb Appeal – you hear about it on every home improvement or home selling show you watch. I have seen buyers drive by a house they were supposed to view because they were not happy with the exterior. It doesn’t matter how wonderful it is on the inside. The outside is the first impression. Repaint the front door, manicure the lawn and shrubs, plant flowers, and make sure people can clearly see your house number.

7. Give it a good spring cleaning inside and out. Re-caulk as needed. Wash the windows. Clean ceiling fans and under beds and furniture. Clean the grout. Wash the rugs. Replace any mildewed shower curtains.

8. When you have showing appointments turn on some background music, open all the blinds to make it brighter, and turn on the lights throughout the house. Fresh flowers are always a nice touch. Set the temperature where guests will be comfortable, even though they will be in your home for a short showing time. Make sure it smells good.

If you are ready to sell your home, call an RREA Agent today at 281.288.3500 and they can give you tips specifically for your home.

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