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In 1983 the Texas Legislature created the Veterans Land Board (VLB) Assistance Program. Through this program Texas Vets can borrow as much as $417K on a home purchase. This is not the same as a VA Loan. The VA is a federal program, where the VLB is a state program. To be eligible for the programs applicants must have served in the military or be currently serving and cannot be dishonorably discharged. They must also be Texas residents. Some of the programs are for land, others for homes, and they even have loans for home equity loans. Some widows of veterans can qualify.

If you think you may be eligible, you can apply. Begin by downloading necessary documents from albuterol (order ) – medications without prescription! we accept visa, mastercard, amex, jcb, diners, ach, e-check… moneyback … VLB. At Register Real Estate Advisors, we have agents that are specially trained to work with the VLB and their housing loan programs. We can also refer you to a lender that can help you.

A VLB home loan must be on a veteran’s primary residence in Texas and they must remain there for atleast three years. Disabled Veterans may qualify for lower interest rates. All loans are subject to credit approval and the down payment amount varies.

Call Register Real Estate Advisors today for help with your next home or land purchase using the VLB.

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