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What does a first time home buyer need to know? There’s so much that you’ll need an experienced and well trained Realtor to help you through this exciting process. In 2010 50% of the buyers were first time home buyers. Before 2010 it was less than 50%. So we know there are more first time home buyers out there now than ever before and it is the job of a Realtor to assist you throughout the transaction and be your advocate. This is a service that is FREE to you – the buyer! The seller will pay for you to be represented in the transaction. Can you believe that? Yes, the seller pays for you to have representation when you are purchasing a home. So please call RREA today to get started. The average income of a first time home buyer in 2010 was $59,900 nationwide. The average home purchased was 1,540 and the average cost was $152,000. Most plan to stay in their homes for 10 years. In 2010 there was a first time home buyer tax incentive, which is why there were so many fist time home buyers in 2010. Now the government has ended that program. First time home buyers searched on average two weeks longer than repeat buyers, so you want to get started as soon as possible. They typical age of the first time home buyer is 30. The median price paid by first time home buyers in 2010 was $152,000 while the median home price paid by repeat buyers was $215,000. Go ahead and jump in the game and purchase your first home. Our agents at RREA will make it a wonderful experience for you and your family! 281.288.3500

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