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I know this is the question you have been asking if you are thinking about selling your home. You want to know when those buyers are going to flood our market and increase your home values so you can finally sell and move on! Well, your answer is here. Unfortunately, it’s not as soon as you would like. The new energy epicenter in northwest Houston is still under construction. The ExxonMobil Campus is expected to open it’s first section in the early to mid part of 2014. Do you really want to wait until the Spring of 2014 to sell your home? We are in a great selling market now and not sure what kind of market we will be in then. Interest rates could go up significantly between now and then.

If you are interested in selling your current Spring or Woodlands home please call me today to get started with the home selling process. As a buyer, we can help you relocate to your new home. Call 281.288.3500 for more information. We have Realtors that can assist you with all of your real estate needs. he right time to sell may be now…not in 2014. Think about it!

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