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When I list a property for sale, I always ask my sellers to put a home warranty on their property.A� There are several reasonsA�why I encourage my sellers to put a home warranty on theirA�home.A� TheA�main reason is that the buyer is going to ask for it in the contract.A� They alwaysA�do!A� To be competitive, you need to go ahead and have it on the propertyA�so it can be marketed with the property.A� I like to use the American Home ShieldA�Warranty, but there are several out there to choose from.A�A�If you want to know how comprehensive the home warranty is, check the policy to see which items areA�covered.A� Be sure toA�check whether the policy covers the full replacement cost of each item:A� plumbing, electrical systems, water heater, furnace, heating ducts, water pump, dishwasher, stove, cooktops, ovens, microwaves,A�and swimming pool.A�

Second reason I encourage sellers to put a home warranty on their properties is because during the buyers inspection, the inspector will find things wrongA�with the property that are going to need to be repaired.A� It saves theA�seller money during the sell of the home.A�A�Lastly, it protects the seller if something breaksA�while the home is on the market.A�A�This way the seller does not incur additional expenses while trying to sell the property.A�

Home Warranties are like buying insurance for your home.A� There is still a co-pay when a service call is made, but it lowers the seller or buyers cost for repairs. buy brand name viagra dapoxetine india online cheap pills fluoxetine liquid price

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