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As well as helping people buy and sell properties, I also help families lease homes.  I often refer them to my rent vs. buy calculator so they can see that owning a home does not cost much more than renting a home.  Why pay someone else’s mortgage for them?  There are many reasons to own your own home. 

First of all, when you own your own home you can take advantage of tax breaks.  You can deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage and property taxes.  Houses usually appreciate in value over time, so you gain equity.  Now I know right now houses in most areas are not appreciating, but in general, usually houses do appreciate over time.  When you pay rent, you lose that money.  But when you purchase a home, part of that monthly payment goes towards your equity in the home.  Through the years, you will gain equity and pay down the mortgage.  Usually, after 30 years people can own their homes free and clear.  Building equity is like a savings plan for most homeowners.  If they need money, they can take out a home equity loan and use the equity to make purchases when needed.  Also, your mortgage payments do not increase over the years unless you have an adjustable rate mortgage.  Many landlords do increase rent yearly.  When you own a home you have the freedom to make whatever decorating changes you want. 

There are many reasons to purchase a home instead of renting or leasing a house.  Right now, first time home buyers can take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit.  That is free money from the government that won’t be around much longer – it ends this April.  If you would like to explore your options in home ownership, please call me today so we can get started.  I have helped many renters enjoy the opportunity of home ownership and that is what makes my job as a REALTOR so exciting!

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  • Shannon Register, Realtor

    @OwnAHome – Call me and I will talk to you about whatever you want to know. Or email me specifically what you want to know and I can send you to websites that can help you with those things specifically. There’s so much out there. I don’t want to send you on a goose chase. If I know your focus I can help you better.

  • Mortgage

    Ah! This is great! Thanks for dispelling many
    misconceptions I have heard regarding this as of late.

  • own a home

    A great site! There is some really useful stuff here to consider and remember! Thanks for sharing! Does anyone know where else I can find out about home owning?

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