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Back in April of 2011 a fault line was found in a residential area of The Woodlands, Texas. That started a legal battle that is still in progress today. Homes built on the fault line are in need of thousands of dollars in repairs.

After discovering the issues, one homeowner started his battle with The Woodlands Land Development Company, Leigh Custom Homes Inc. and Carlton Woodland Properties for allegedly not disclosing the fact that the lot, and then the home, was located on the Big Barn Fault line. And that fault line is moving and causing expensive damage to homes.

Obviously finding out an active fault line is under your home causes major concerns about the value of the property. The homeowner is seeking money from the lawsuit to cover the market value of the home that they have lost.

Now other homeowners from the Village of Cochran’s Crossing and the Village of Sterling Ridge who are tagging onto the lawsuits because of damages to their homes.

The lawsuit intends to uncover what geological testing was done on that land and what testing they were aware of when they sold the lots to builders.

Three fault lines have been identified in The Woodlands and they are the Big Barn Fault, the Jones Fault, and Panther Branch Fault.

If you are having trouble with your foundation and live in the communities mentioned above, please contact an attorney for help.

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