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Many clients ask me about using Zillow’s zestimates. The fact is that Zillow knows their zestimates aren’t always accurate and so do real estate agents. It is a software program that makes estimates based on database information. A computer can’t use anything except the data it recognizes. In addition to the scientific data, Realtors throw in a lot of common sense. They evaluate and narrow down the comparable properties, and use some local market experience and knowledge. No software will be able to determine the exact worth of every property in all situations and all locations. I believe there will always be flaws in computer programs. Local Realtors know the market and coming up with the value takes more than just scientific data. You have to be able to analyze the information. We can show you relevant information and explain what is and is not relevant to your pricing. We have access to the most up to date data through our membership in the Houston Multiple Listing Service. It’s fine to play around on Zillow and see what they predict for home values, but go to a local expert that has experience selling when you are ready to sell your home.

Nomatter if you love them or hate them, I believe Zillow is here to stay. But when it comes to selling your biggest asset, call us for more information that just a zestimate.

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  • Agreed.

  • Jay Thompson

    Hi Shannon, Jay T. from Zillow here. Zestimates are just that — *estimates* of value. As you correctly point out, there are some things software can’t “see” and we always encourage people to work with real estate professionals such as yourself.

    We also publish Zestimate accuracy tables here:

    The Zestimate is a great starting point, working with a real estate pro is a great following point!

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