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Broadcasting from the Bridal Extravaganza Show


Here is a breakdown of the show:
This week is all about weddings. More specifically, there are many considerations for housing when you make a significant life change like a marriage. We go into detail about the things newlyweds need to consider and plan for to have their housing needs met after a wedding. We are broadcasting the show from the George R. Brown Convention Center at the 30th Annual Bridal Extravaganza Show.
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  • Liz Conlin, Event Coordinator with A&E Weddings and Events, talks to us about some very special wedding venues in Montgomery County. She plans and coordinated weddings and other special events and has some special insight into some spectacular real estate to hole your next major event.
  • Sheryl Hunter, Realtor with Register Real Estate Advisors, joins us to talk about some of the complexities of joining two households and some tips on how to choose your realtor.
  • Roshawnda Reed, Realtor with Register Real Estate Advisors, joins us to talk about the rent vs buy delima every newlywed must face.
  • Jay Richardson, Realtor with Register Real Estate Advisors, joins us to talk about some of the considerations that newly married couples need to decide in order to be able to purchase a home.

Here is some more information.
Shannon introducing the show

Liz Conlin with A&E Weddings & Events

Sheryl Hunter on picking a Realtor

Roshawnda Reed on Rent VS Buy

Jay Richardson with housing options for newlyweds

You can hear the broadcast in its entirety below:

Don’t forget to ask your real estate question this week to have it answered on the air. Call the 24hr Answer Line at 281.882.8088 or use hashtag #HRER on Twitter! Talk to you next week!

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