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Is your credit stopping you from purchasing a home? Well, please take
out the time to read my blog on some informative information that will
help you in that area. Your credit score is one of the resources that
a Mortgage Lender will check in order to get you approved for a home
loan. And now a days credit seems like the main issue that is
hindering someone from purchasing a home. You can get approved with a
mininum credit score of 620 – 640. However, the higher your score the
better. Because then you can qualify for A+ loan rates. Also, if your
score is a 640 or higher you have a better chance of qualifying for a
Down Payment Assistance Program. Which you would come out of pocket
with as much as $500.00. So I have a Credit Consultant that I work
with and that I refer all my clients to. Her name is Ericka Burel with
Burel Credit Consulting. I highly recommend her. Ericka, has helped
clients all over the country with credit issues. She is very
professional, reasonable, and very good at what she does. For
additional information about Ericka services or how to contact her,
please visit her website at Please let
her know that you’re local Realtor LaQuitta Walker with Register Real
Estate Advisors referred you. Or you can contact me by phone at
832.380.1508 or by email at
So pick up the phone and call us today. Don’t let your credit stop you
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