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The $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit will be ending soon.A� You must be under contract by the end of April to qualify for the tax credit and must close on your home by the end of June.A� To qualify, the purchaser(s) may not have owned a primary residence in the last three years.A� It does not have to be a resale home, you may purchase from a builder.A� You should use a Realtor even when you purchase from a builder.A� Ita��s free for buyera��s to use Realtors and your Realtor will be representing you and looking out for your best interest.A� You can receive the maximum $8,000 tax credit if you are single with an income up to $125,000 or married with an income up to $225,000.A� The amount of the tax credit decreases as home buyers income approaches the maximum limit.A� Homebuyers earning more than the maximum qualifying incomeA�are not eligible for the credit.A�

There is an existing home buyer tax credit currently in place for $6,500.A� To use this tax credit you must sell your current primary residence that you have lived in for atleast five consecutive years and purchase another primary residence.A� If you dona��t want to sell your current home, but have lived there for five years and now want to move to a new primary residence, you can still qualify for the tax credit.A� There are some income requirements, so check with your accountant to be sure you qualify.A�

A�Neither of these credits have to be repaid as long as you live in the new primary residence for atleast three years.A�

A�For Active Duty Military personnel living overseas during any part of this tax credit are still eligible to take advantage of the tax credits until April 30, 2011.A�

A�To take advantage of these tax credits call me today because time is running out to qualify.A� For additional questions about the tax credit you can contact a tax professional or the IRS at 800.829.1040. flagyl antibiotic cost cheap pills lisinopril tablets cheap coreg medication

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