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Here is an article I wrote that will appear next week in the Houston Chronicle.

Anyone who watches the news or drives through a neighborhood can tell you that the real estate market is down.A� Home loans are hard to come by, there are more sellers than buyers right now, and consumers are reluctant to buy big-ticket items in the current economy.A� If you need to sell your home right now, it will be competing in the marketplace with other pre-owned homes, foreclosures, short-sales, and builder inventory for the scarce qualified buyer.

There is good news.A� There are techniques that allow your home to compete and stand out above the competition.A� In today’s challenging economic times, it is increasingly important to leverage technology to maximize your exposure of your home.A� It is simply not enough to have curb appeal, you must have Google appeal as well.

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Finding an agent that can make your home findable and appealing online is essential to maximizing the value of your home in a timely manner.A� It is not enough to simply add your home into the computer, it must be search engine optimized and key word search-able for the right buyers to find your home.A� Professional quality pictures and video tours will help turn visitors on the web page into offers on your house.A� Social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn, also add to the listing’s “web footprint” and increase the odds of the right buyer finding it.

One of the ways I chose to drive traffic toA�my website is by writing a blog.A� In fact,A�I amA�one ofA�the five finalists in the state for the “Best Real Estate Blog in Texas”.A� This contest is hosted by the Mays Business School Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.A� You can giveA�my blog a vote in the finals at� I appreciate your help and would love to help you sellA�your home orA�find yourA�family’s next home.

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  • Henry

    I enjoyed your article. I am going to test you out in a couple of months when I am ready to sell my rent house.

  • shannonregister

    As far as I know it will run Sunday. That is what the lady told me. I will post a link ( when it comes out.

  • StayAtHomeMomma

    Good post thanks. THere is hope for us yet.

  • Chris Parks

    Good article. I will look for it this weekend. I am assuming it will be in Sunday’s real estate section.

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