Texas Rental Properties

I just posted a news story about http://www.ahyunlife.com/?p=37517 Buy order nasonex over the counter Apartment Occupancy, Rent Down Statewide .A� I think rentals are down statewide because [...]

Best Blog in Texas

Thanks to your support this blog wasA�awarded “The Best Real Estate Blog in Texas” by the Mays Business School and Real Estate Research Center at Texas A&M University.A� I have [...]

The Woodlands, Texas

Are you relocating to The Woodlands, Texas?A� If so, I’d like to introduce you to the area.A� This is a video I made about this master planned community.A� I help people move to the Houston [...]

Look Ma, No Hands!!

Starting September 1, 2009, Texan motorists are now required to use a hands-free device in a school zone. This includes receiving and sending texts, e-mails, or phone calls. To prevent any [...]

Love Your Countertops

With the purchase of a new house comes the joy of making it your own through DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.A� Chances are, changing your countertops are high on your wish list.A� However, with [...]

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