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Starting September 1, 2009, Texan motorists are now required to use a hands-free device in a school zone. This includes receiving and sending texts, e-mails, or phone calls.

HHMPUPSignTo prevent any confusion as to what defines a school zone, the city or county must post a sign that conforms to the TxDot standards at every entrance of a school zone. If you are caught using a cell phone in these parameters, a fine can be issued. If there are no signs, then “affirmative defense” suggests a warning instead of a citation.

So, however silly you look conversing with your bluetooth, at least our children will be safe while you do it.

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  • Mary

    Then buy a BMW. They are Bluetooth compatible and you are hands free.

  • Brenda

    Wow, thats like next week. Why haven’t we heard about this?

  • Luke

    i love rules!

  • stayathomemomma

    I, for one, am way too cool to wear one of those bluetooth devices. I will not be one of “those guys”.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the warning.

  • Eric Lee

    Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

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