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With the purchase of a new house comes the joy of making it your own through DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.  Chances are, changing your countertops are high on your wish list.  However, with all the choices offered, how do you choose one that fits your personality and your needs?  Listed below are some of the options out there to not only spruce up your kitchen space, but also give you the best performance for your dollar. 

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of types and color, including options that can mimic stone.  Experts and designers alike suggest you use a larger tile for your countertop and smaller ones for your backsplash.  One thing to be weary about: grout lines can be difficult to keep clean so make sure you seal it properly and reseal as needed. 

The most versatile countertop is the laminate because it comes in an array colors and patterns.  It can mimic stone, wood, and even granite.  This option is inexpensive but not very durable; it can be scratched, burned, and chipped.  Make sure you protect it while preparing and cooking meals. 

Stone tile offers style and durability by giving you the coveted natural look without the pricetag of other similar materials like granite.  Slate is the most popular choice because of its colors and variety of textures.  Just remember natural stone is porous, so you will need to seal it or it will stain. 

Solid surfaces like Formica offer just as many options as laminate, but with more durability.  Formica is stain resistant and a non-porous surface, so it requires no sealing.  If you want something durable, colorful, and inexpensive, I highly recommend Formica.

Looking for something style-flexible, durable, and low-maintenance?  Then look no further than concrete.  This is my favorite option because it is extremely trendy and allows you to completely individualize it.  Whether you set tile inlays, or stain it, this material sets your kitchen apart from the rest.  Make sure you are working with an experienced professional because stained concrete is a unique look that is harder to accomplish than one might imagine.  There are a couple of things to consider with this option: Concrete can crack, so be certain it is set properly.  Also, be sure your cabinets are sturdy enough for this heavy material.

Wood is another trendy option for the DIYer.  Wood offers warmth and tradition while evoking a sense of comfort and nostalgia in the beholder.  The most popular look is the butcher block countertop, which can be special ordered to fit your space.  This material is great because it is rustic, casual, and forgiving, but can be tedious in maintenance; as it needs to be oiled and sealed regularly. 

We can thank Mother Nature for our next option.  Granite countertops are in high-demand and high-style.  This countertop comes in many colors and patterns and is known by avid cookers for its excellent performance.  Not only will this material give your kitchen a fantastic face lift, but it also adds great resale value to your home.  At this time, it is what most buyers prefer in their homes. 

The most durable and care-free material however, is Quartz.  You get lots of color choices, no regular maintenance, and extreme performance with this material.  Quartz has also been called the safest countertop because of its bacteria resistance.  Quartz is a top-dollar material, but has the goods to back up the price.  It is a relatively new trend that has not taken hold in this area as of yet. 

Whatever you choose to dress your countertops with, your dream kitchen is no longer a dream.  A few materials, a little know-how, and some elbow grease, is all you need to finally make your house a home.  Good Luck!


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  • Margareta Aronson

    Excellent information I do not need to go anywhere else.
    You said it all.

  • countertop maker

    Granite is still what people love but quartz is definately a much better product.

  • Priscilla T

    More than I ever thought I would know about countertops.

    I sent you a vote. Good luck in the contest.

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