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This is an outstanding video that explains the social media craze that is taking over the world. This is more of a revolution than a fad. Fad’s come and go. Social media is fundamentally changing the way people operate. Businesses must adjust to the new way people operate in order to compete in today’s world. The reason I use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube is so I can better serve my clients and reach potential buyers of their homes the way the buyers are searching for their new homes.

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  • bx

    You are a very smart person!

  • BM

    I found this on Twitter. This is a great video. I like your website.

  • Brian G

    That really is a good video. If this video is true, what does this mean for hoe businesses will conduct themselves in the future?

    I saw on the news where everyone was upset when twitter was hit with a denial-of-service attack in the last couple of weeks. I guess it becomes important when you rely on things like that to communicate. Kind of like if all cell phones went down.

  • Shannon Register, Realtor

    I knew this stuff was big but I guess I didn’t appreciate the scale until I saw this video. Business is in its infancy in figuring out how to use this. and that is just the businesses that are not totally ignoring it (most). This will be fascinating to see how we (society) will figure out how to use this new tool.

  • E Leighton

    I had no idea that those sites were being uses by so many. I have noticed more 50-65-year-olds on FaceBook recently than I every would have thought.

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