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If you live in Texas and want to purchase some property, follow these steps to a successful purchase and call your local RREA Realtor at 281.288.3500 for assistance with all of your real estate needs.

1. Select a Realtor at
2. Select a lender to get you pre-approved. At RREA, our in house lender is Jeff Wagner and he would be happy to assist you. Call 281.288.3500 and ask for Jeff.
3. Determine what type of property you want, how much you can afford and want to spend, and the location you desire
4. Have your Realtor submit a written offer on the property to the seller or seller’s agent
5. There will be disclosures about the property that go with the offer that you will need to sign
6. If you are purchasing a home, get a home inspection
7. Consult with your lender about next steps for the mortgage process
8. Review your title commitment when you receive it
9. Make sure the survey comes back with no issues
10. Make sure the home appraises for the lender value
11. Get loan approval within time frame designated on contract
12. Get your earnest money to the title company and option money to the seller
13. You will need to get insurance on the property
14. Do a final walk-through with your Realtor if the property is a home
15. Confirm any required repairs have been completed
16. All documents will need to be signed at title company
17. The loan is funded by the lender
18. The deed is recorded which transfers the property from the seller to the buyer
19. Your title company will give you a packet of all your closing documents
20. Your Realtor will give you the keys to the property and now the fun of moving begins!

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