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1.  How will you keep me informed and how often will you update me?  If a selling agent, updates on the marketing and online views of my home.  If buying agent, new properties for sale. 

2.  How long have you been selling real estate and is it your full time job? 

3.  If selling, what are the absorption rates for my neighborhood?  How long will it take to sell my home?

4.  What is your marketing plan?  Are you taking advantage of social media, all the REALTOR Association resources, what kind of resources does your brokerage offer? 

5.  What sets you apart from other agents?

6.  Will you represent me exclusively or do intermediary and represent the buyer or seller in the transaction?  A good REALTOR will explain agency relationships.

7.  How close were the asking prices and the sales prices of homes selling in my neighborhood over the past three to six months.

8.  What designations do you hold?  Designations are additional real estate training the REALTOR has been through.  This is considered specialized training that is only help by one quarter of real estate agents.

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