Amazing Bike Skills

Not much of a biker here but I am not sure I knew you could do these things with a bike. Well put together video of an amazing biker. buy [...]

New Video Series

Starting August 1st I will begin a new video blog series. The Houston Association of Realtors created 61 short videos for consumers that are excellent. They are very informative and I am so [...]

Does Your Carpet Need Help?

Below are some tips for tuning up your carpet before selling your home. Quick Fixes for new-looking carpets a�? First, to really get it clean, sweep the carpet with a brook, which will make the [...]

Are You This Lucky?

Here is a video with some pretty incredible clips of some pretty incredible luck. buy blue pill canada order minomycin medicines buy pills pills online keflex price walmart

Planning your next move?

Moving to the Houston area?A� I would like to be the first to welcome you and assist you with all of your real estate needs whether you are moving to Houston, The Woodlands, or Spring, Texas.A� [...]

Why Hasn’t My House SOLD?

Here are a few reasons and remediesa�� 1. House is overpriceda��you need a new market analysis to see how much to lower the price 2. Price reductions too little, too late…you need a new [...]

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