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Here are a few reasons and remedies…

1. House is overpriced…you need a new market analysis to see how much to lower the price
2. Price reductions too little, too late…you need a new market analysis & significantly lower the price below the next price break or two
3. New competition since property listed…you need a new market analysis and lower the price and offer incentives
4. Builder competition…new market analysis, offer upgrades competitive with the builder
5. Difficult to show, not readily accessible…use lockbox and readjust showing hours if necessary
6. Glutted or slow market…adjust pricing and offer incentives
7. Property has become shopworn…add new photos, offer incentive, inform area Realtors
8. Many showings, but no offers…reduce price
9. Offers forthcoming but not consummated…re-examine counter offers and adjust to offers
10. Condition (maintenance problems)…freshen up and review ways to improve
11. Condition (major problems)…rehab as necessary with new carpet, paint, etc.
12. Cosmetic allowances have not enticed offer…rehab as necessary and remove allowance
13. Location not desirable…compensate with price adjustment
14. Property showcased poorly…hire staging professional or ask Realtor for suggestions
15. Property not being shown…make property more accessible with lockbox
16. Pets (odors, soil, intimidation)…deodorize carpet, cage pets when not home, kennel pets or put with a friend or relative until home sells
17. Neighbors or neighborhood undesirable…counsel with neighbors regarding interference and condition of their properties
18. External influence (new highways, etc.)…adjust price, gather accurate data, and prepare fact sheets for people interested in the home

This information is also available on website where it was first published for Realtor use.

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