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Today there is a lot of hype among real estate agents and builders about Green Housing.  There are designations for it.  There are marketing campaigns about it.  Let’s face it, everybody wants lower utility bills in this economy.  So what are the benefits of having a green home – other than lower utility bills and more efficient appliances?  Did you know it also gives you a higher resale value?  You can brag about it when you get ready to sell your home.  Also, you are extending the life of your home.  Green built homes are built to last and work effectively for generations.  A byproduct is that you are helping the environment, so you can sleep better at night.  You’ll have better air quality because there is less chance of mold and mildew.  Some things that are considered green are using native landscaping that uses less water, composting, using solar power energy, and tech shield in the roof.  These are some of the things used by Green Builders in the Houston area.  If you want to learn more about Green Homes we have Realtors at Register Real Estate Advisors that hold the Green Designation.  Call today to learn more at 281.288.3500.



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