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In Spring, Texas we have a fabulous green area called the Spring Creek Greenway. Due to many generous donations and innovative partnerships with nonprofits and landowners, we are well on our way to creating one of the nation’s largest linear parks. When complete, the 40-mile-long trail system will protect up to 12,000 acres of pristine habitat along both sides of Spring Creek just north of Houston.

The Greenway trail along Harris County‘s side of the creek now stretches 10 contiguous miles across 2,000 acres of urban forest. The trail connects three parks, extending from the east side of Jess H. Jones Park & Nature Center in Humble all the way to Pundt Park’s Osbow trail in Spring. In addition to hiking and biking trails, the Spring Creek Greenway offers multiple input and egress points for those with canoes or kayaks, and 5.5 miles for horseback riding.

Spring Creek is one of only two remaining waterways in Harris County that has not been concreted, channelized, or otherwise modified to handle more water. In its natural state, the creek’s secondary banks filter the water that flows to the creek during times of heavy rain, resulting in cleaner water that flows into the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston.

The Spring Creek Greenway currently connects three parks: Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center, John Pundt Park, and newest park, Bill and Ellen Carter Park. At over 300 acres, Jones Park serves as an important nature sanctuary for a wide variety of plants and wildlife, including Bald Eagles, Osprey, bobcats, coyotes, armadillos, opossums, and deer.

Located approximately 7.5 miles along the trail from Jones Park, Pundt Park opened in early 2009 in conjunction with Phase 1 of the Spring Creek Greenway trail.

The 300-acre park offers a wide variety of recreational activities ranging from biking, hiking, and horseback riding to canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. A playground features challenging and fun play elements suitable for children of all ages, and there is a Dog Park.

Located about halfway between Jones Park and Pundt Park, Carter Park is the newest gateway park along the Spring Creek Greenway.

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