• I will review and present agency representation alternatives for youAi??and the home buyers.

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  • Competitive Market Analysis – I will provide you with a current Competitive Market Analysis and assist you in determining the most effective list price for your property so you can maximize the value of your home.
  • Marketing Action Plan – I will create a Customized Marketing Plan to sell your home that includes Houston Chronicle Advertising, Public and Broker Open Houses, Maximum online photos, text that generates interest and Search Engine Optimization, a video of your home, many websites that will have your selling information, yard sign and fliers, and blog posts.Ai?? Your listing is guaranteed to be seen online by buyers and IAi??can show you the data to prove it.
  • Home Enhancement – I will develop a plan to enhance your property’s ability to attract buyers.Ai?? If your home needs to be professionally staged I will provide aAi??FREE home evaluation by a professional home stager.Ai?? In this increasingly online world it is not enough for your home to have curb appeal, it must have google appeal as well.Ai?? I ensure it will beAi??found and seenAi??online.Ai?? My cutting edge technology in marketing ensures your home is seen online where most buyers are shopping.
  • National and Local Advertising -Ai??My brand name brokerAi??provides National and local print, radio, and TV advertising that will help attract the greatest number of buyers to your property.
  • Web Marketing Pledge – I pledge to give your home the best online marketing exposure available.Ai?? Therefore, I do not elaborate on that plan in detail because it is ever evolving and improving.Ai?? I stay on top of the cutting edge technology that will place your house in front of buyers online.Ai?? I can show you the web traffic from multiple sites to prove it.Ai?? The internet allows us to microtarget marketing materials to the right buyers.Ai?? It is not enough to drive viewers to your house, it is my job to find the right viewers that will have the ability to purchase your home.

  • – Your home will be seen online by Coldwell Banker Shoppers.
  • – My website is viewed by people all over the country so I post videos and photos of your home on my blog for viewers.Ai?? I drive traffic to my website through printed direct mail, advertising with and Houston Newcomer Guides, and by linking in with real estate websites like and Coldwell Banker National and Local.Ai?? My blog has beenAi??awardedAi??”The Best Real Estate Blog in Texas”Ai??by the Mays Business School and Real Estate Center at Texas A&M and this increases web traffic.
  • Marketing Activity Report – I can provide you with the Marketing Activity to keep you informed of competitive market conditions, buyer activity, and the actions I have taken to market your property.

Customer Service

  • Seller Disclosure – I will review your property history and disclosure statement and deliver to prospective buyers.
  • Purchase Offers – I will review all purchase offers as they are presented and will negotiate on your behalf to reach a purchase agreement with terms that are favorable and protective to you.
  • Closing the Sale – I will monitor and inform you of the progress of the transaction, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions during the entire transaction.


  • Financing Alternatives – I will forward to you finacial information as provided by the buyer and make every effort to have each pre-qualified or pre-approved with a lender.
  • Estimated Net Proceeds – I will provide you with a written estimate of seller expenses and proceeds.

Contract Guidance and After Closing Follow-Up

  • Residential Home WarrantyAi??- I will provide you with information regarding a residential service contract which can increase the marketability of your home and help reduce your liability to the buyer.
  • Closing – I will attend the final closing to insure your interests are protected.
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  • Follow-Up After Closing – I will contact you after closing to assure the satisfactory completion of all service details.
  • Survey – I will offer you the opportunity to evaluate the service provided.Ai?? This holds me accountable to those I serve.Ai?? The survey will be emailed to you after the closing and IAi?? appreciate your feedback.